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The Islamic Revolution Martyrs Foundation


Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God


If it is discovered that certain individuals in some of the organizations and ministries create problems for the martyrs of the Revolution and their families, they must be prosecuted as anti-revolutionaries. Imam Khomeini


Dated 9 Azar 1371 [30 November 1992]

Number 48220/2

Enclosure ------


Director of the Injured Combatants Affairs of NZAJA[1] (Martyrs Division)




With respect and in response to letter number 1608/713/02/38, dated 5/9/1371 [26 November 1992], regarding the late Gholam-Reza Alaei-Ilkhchi, son of Enayat, who is the subject of a temporary and inactive file number Sh/10/5359, this Foundation [wishes] to advise that the above-mentioned individual was a member of perverse Baha’i sect and currently his mother and all his family members are also of this belief.  Therefore, according to the policy, no relief services will be available for his mother.


Vice-Director [of Affairs], Tehran


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To be filed – 22 Azar 1371 [13 December 1992]


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[1] [Ground Forces of Islamic Republic Iranian Army]