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In the Name of the Lord of all existence


I am from thee and have come to Thee.  Illumine my heart with the light of Thy knowledge.[1]


With reliance on the order of the Supreme Judicial Council, on 26 Khordad 1363 [16 June 1984], the decision of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Mashhad was served on me.  With obedience and while being fully prepared for the execution of this decision [4 lines are crossed out].

My dear children, Davar, Mandana, Jalayer - Shabdiz, and Houman, who are more dear than my life to me, my dear mother Zahra, who is unaware of my imprisonment, and all of my sisters and dear brother who are in prison in Gonbad because he is a Baha’i, and everyone in the family; in these last moments of my life I bid you all farewell leave you all in the care of God.  I have nothing more to say.  I also leave my beloved and kind wife, Mrs. Monireh Parsa, in God’s hands.  I thank all my friends and brothers in the Sepah and in Vakilabad prison, who put themselves out for me in some way, and shake their hands and say good-bye.  I have nothing more to say.  Time 8:59, 26 Khordad 1363 [16 June 1984]


49042 Nabilzadeh’s home

Nosratollah Vahdat


[Finger print]


[1] [Quotation from Baha’i Prayers]