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It is 11:00 in the evening, [and] we have been brought from the prison to court. It appears that we are to be executed - all seven of us. By the grace of God, we are all fully reconciled to our fate and have surrendered to the will of God. God willing, we will remain steadfast to the end.

With this letter I say goodbye to you dear ones, family and relatives. I am grateful for all the hardships you have endured during this period; particularly, I would like to thank the dear Baha’i friends for their efforts. I ask everyone for forgiveness and mercy. Please extend my gratitude to all my family members and relatives who remembered us during this time, and who took the trouble to come to visit us. I hope and pray that the shedding of our insignificant blood will water the tree of the Cause of God, and expedite the freedom and independence of the Cause of God in [our] beloved Iran, so that the future generations can serve the Faith in utmost ease.

Dear Betty Khanum [wife], God willing, we will see each other in the Abha Kingdom.

We are never apart, and in this we stand together.

May you be healthy and successful.

Yours, Tarazollah Khozein


23/03/1360 [13 June 1981]

May my life be a sacrifice for all, Tarazollah Khozein

23/03/1360 [13 June 1981]

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