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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adopted from website:] Iranian Labour News Agency - ILNA

[Date:] 10 Aban 1393 [1 November 2014]



Iran Treats the Baha’is Like Any Other Citizens

Iranian Students Are Facing Sanctions and Are Unable to Continue Their Education in the Same Countries that Support the Baha’i Minority

The secretary of the Human Rights [Commission], in parts of his speech at the UN Human Rights Council, called the view of some Western countries on Iran’s internal issues, including the rights of the minorities, contradictory, and at the same time, questionable.

According to ILNA, Mohammad-Javad Larijani, as the chairman of Iran’s high-ranking human rights delegation, who presented the periodic global review of our country on Friday, referring to the sensitivity of some Western countries towards the Baha’i sect in Iran, said, “I am surprised, and this is a question for me: why these countries are so worried about this minority, why they are not worried about the majority of the Iranian people who are under the most severe, inhumane sanctions of these countries.

Larijani, stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly announced that Baha’ism, according to its constitution, is not considered a religious minority like Jews, Christians, Assyrians, Zoroastrians, etc., said, “However, these countries repeatedly refer to this sect as a religious minority and try to insinuate that they are under difficult conditions, while the Islamic Republic of Iran treats the Baha’is like other citizens and they have the rights of the citizens. They are wealthy and influential people, and they study in both schools and universities in the country, and of course, if they commit a crime, they will be prosecuted without any connection to being Baha’i.

The secretary of the Human Rights Commission continued, “This happens while Iranian students in the same countries that support the Baha’i minorities are facing sanctions and are unable to continue their education.”

Larijani added, “It would have been better if these countries, that [give] so much support to the Baha’i minority, would realize that the Iranian students are not able to access higher education courses in certain fields, including atomic physics, related disciplines and other advanced technologies because of the sanctions. And recently, one of the European countries has prevented some Iranian students from continuing their education.”