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30/7/1365 [22 October 1986]

In the Name God


Respected Provincial Prosecutor 

Greetings; respectfully, I, the undersigned, Laleh Mehdinejad, hereby bring to your attention that my husband, Farhad Haghighi Najafabadi, disappeared on 29/7/1365 [21 October 1986] from his workplace, and there is no news of him at hand.  Given that my father, Iraj Mehdinejad, was murdered about 20 days ago, and his file is being handled by Officer Majidi at the Criminal Investigation Office, I ask your respected office to instruct that this matter be investigated as well.  


I supplicate the Almighty for your exceeding success,

Thanking you in advance.

Laleh Mehdinejad [signature]


[Handwritten note date at the bottom of the page]

Criminal Investigation Office to review and report its findings.

Public Prosecutor of Bandar Abbas


30/7/1365 [22 October 1986]