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Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training

Medical Sciences and Health Services of the Central Province

Assistant Medical Treatment



Islamic Republic of Iran


Number: 2929/38/kh/m

Date: 29 Mehr 1388 [21 October 2009]

Attachment: [illegible]



The Honourable Head of the Department of Health and Treatment of Khomein


Respectfully, I bring to your attention that, according to letter number 2482/38/kh/m, dated 4 Mehr 1388 [26 September 2009], from the honourable manager of the University Security Office, in relation to Mr. Laghaollah Baghaie, an optometrist employed in that city, please order that necessary actions be taken to close the place of his work within two weeks, and send the result to this division. In case of non-compliance with the closure of the place, it is requested that you bring the issue to the attention of this office. A photocopy of the mentioned letter is sent as an enclosure.


Dr. Ali-Asghar Farazi

Deputy Treatment Assistant [signature]


[Handwritten date on right side of the bottom of the page.]

Department of State for Administration Affairs and Employment [signature]


In the Name of God

Secretariat - The respected Management of Supervision on Treatment [illegible] for information and action.


[?] Mehr 1388 [September/October 2009]

Management Supervising on Treatment [signature]

[Handwritten notes with date at the end of the page on left side.]


In the Name of God

On 3 Aban 1388 [25 October 2009] at 9:23a.m., an inspection was made of the “World of Optics”, the workplace of the mentioned person, and the subject of the letter was brought to his attention. It was decided that, according to the order of the respected administrative assistant of the University Treatment, he take action within two weeks for closure of the work place.

Mr. [illegible] [signature]


[Official stamp] - Entrance to the confidential Network of the Department of Health of Khomein

Date: 30 Mehr 1388 [22 October 2009]

Number: 183 [illegible]