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Ministry of Interior

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Q: Introduce yourself. The provisions of Amended Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Procedure and its Notes are explained to you.  You are hereby cautioned about the statements you make.

A: Name: Kourosh; surname: Talaie; son of: Khalilollah; known as: ----; age: 31 years; occupation and place of work: engineer with Omana Cooperative, Tehran; educated; native of: Tehran; resident of: Tehran – [redacted]; religion: Baha’i; citizenship: Iranian; criminal record: none; with wife and child; I have been advised of the provisions of Amended Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Procedure and its Notes and cautioned about my statements.

On 17 Shahrivar 1358 [8 September 1979], around 8:30 a.m., I was present at the scene and I noticed a number of picks and shovels at the seminary across from the location in question. Investigation showed that the picks and shovels had been delivered in municipal vans to the location. A couple of people came to the alley and said that they intended to destroy the House of the Bab. At 11:00 a.m., it was observed that a crowd of about 150 people, led by a certain Haji Sharif and another clergyman, by the name of Mr. Toobaie, in front, came to the alley and entered the said House through an adjacent property that was locked. They broke the lock and entered and raided the property. Approximately 30 of them were armed with weapons. Several of them took their position on the rooftops of the houses around and a number of them in the alley and in the House.

For about three hours, they engaged in destroying the doors and windows and removing them from the property. Then, around 2:00 or 2:30 p.m., the armed individuals left the scene. Also, during the course of destruction, I entered the House and saw that Messrs. Asadpour, from the Mahdieh Committee, architect Shomali, and a clergyman by the name of Hashemi were on location giving orders for destruction. In any event, after 3:00 p.m., about 15 people were left at the location, engaged in destroying the remainder of the building.

The next day, architect Shomali, [with] approximately eight construction workers, appeared first thing in the morning to destroy the rest of the structure. He then engaged some additional workers in destroying the building. By the afternoon, much of the building had been destroyed. Furthermore, all through the process of destruction on the first day, from 11:00 a.m. till 2:30 p.m., I was present there and witnessed the process. I repeatedly cautioned these gentlemen that these actions were inhumane and contrary to law and legal principles, but they dismissed my pleas, and forcefully continued the act of destruction and plundering. They also caused significant damage to the houses adjacent to the House of the Bab. Even though their main objective was to destroy the House, they seriously damaged the three houses beside it.

I testify to all that is written above, and because I was present there and witnessed the events, in addition to the above-named gentlemen, who were the main instigators, I saw other people as well. However, since a complete statement of complaint was submitted, I have explained it here briefly. I hereby submit a formal complaint against the instigators of this inhumane act and request legal prosecution.


20 Shahrivar 1358 [11 September 1979]

Kourosh Talaie