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Office of Telegraph of the Exalted Government of Iran

Tome number: 390

Year: 1305 [1926]


From: Shiraz to: Tehran

Receipt number: 969

Telegram number: 325

Number of words: 48

Original date: 20

Description: ---

Date received: 20 Farvardin 1305 [10 April 1326]

Addressee: ---


His Imperial Majesty!

In this age where the fame of the royal justice has shaken the foundations of the wicked, by the incitement of one preacher, twelve of our co-religionists, on the pretext of being Baha’i, were murdered in Jahrom within the span of eight hours, their properties were plundered, their houses destroyed and their families dispersed. Come to our rescue.

Azadegan Ebrahim Kaviani

[His stamp and signature]


[Handwritten note on top of the page]

Respectable Cabinet of the Prime Minister