[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 3 Bahman 1390 [23 January 2012]

Number: 2061098


To: Dr. Ali Jafari, respected Deputy for Academic Affairs of Pardis University, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Concerning: Kian Hashemi Dehaj

(Confidential and urgent)


In light of letter number 1945/Z, dated 27 Dey 1390 [17 January 2012], by the university’s disciplinary council concerning Mr Kian Hashemi Dehaj, daytime student in agricultural engineering––water [sciences], student number [redacted], you are hereby advised to give proper instructions to ensure that the said individual is no longer enrolled.  His settled account balance and student card should be immediately forwarded to this central office. 

Signed by: On behalf of Director General of Academic Affairs—Gholam-Ali Tahouri


  • Office of Hirasat[1] at the university, for your information;
  • Dr.  Reza Gholam-Alizadeh, respected Secretary General of the University Students’ Disciplinary Review Council, in reference to the above letter, for your information.


[1] [Security Office: Hirasat: An intelligence service that has an office in every university and governmental organization in Iran]