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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khorasan

[Date:] Wednesday, 7 Tir 1334 [29 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 1729


What Happened in the Extraordinary Meeting of the Provincial Council?

The dear readers, of course, are fully aware that the Baha’i movement has been a sensitive issue for some time, and there are various debates around it every day. It has attracted the [interest] of most [people] in the country and most of the newspapers write and discuss various topics around this issue. In Khorasan, which is a vast and important province, and also in the holy city of Mashhad, which is a large religious city and the centre of the country’s clergy, it has attracted the attention of all classes.

In several previous issues, in interviews with Mr. Ram, the governor of Khorasan, the issue of the Baha’is and their dismissal from government offices, and telegrams transmitted by various guilds and communities to Tehran and Qom were discussed. [Mr. Ram], out of respect for public opinion, was willing to use his legal authority to take the necessary steps to dismiss the Baha’is from government offices in Khorasan by convening an extraordinary meeting of the Provincial Council. When moving to do so, the governor ordered that an extraordinary meeting of the Provincial Council be convened at the invitation of the governor, and that this decision be implemented in a timely manner in consultation with the members of the council.

For this reason, Mr. Masoudi, the deputy governor, invited all the heads of government departments and several local trustees to an extraordinary meeting of the Provincial Council, which was held at the governor’s building at 11:00 a.m. yesterday. There was a detailed discussion and consultation around government employees in Khorasan who are Baha’is.

With the welcome received by all the heads of departments and members of the council, it was unanimously decided that the heads of departments would each oversee and investigate their respective organizations. If there are Baha’is within their affiliated administrative system, they [are to] take the necessary action for their dismissal. Also, the heads of the departments should contact the individuals that they suspect of being Baha’is and clarify their situation in terms of religion, and [determine] whether they are Muslims or Baha’is ...


Tehran Spiritual Assemblies Meeting

During this period, when there were activities going on between Tehran and Qom, a banquet was organized in honour of Ayatollah Golpaygani in the village of Mr. Firouzabadi. At this banquet, the clergy discussed the plan to confiscate the Baha’i properties, and it was decided that there would be silence for some time. At the same time, Mr. Firouzabadi, who was planning to meet His Majesty the King the next day, was instructed to ask His Majesty to pay special attention to the issue of Baha’is.


The Activities of the Baha’is Abroad

It is rumoured that Baha’is in European and American countries, and wherever [there are] Baha’i assemblies, have managed to turn all the media against Iran and the Iranian government by spending large sums of money, and have created restrictions for the Jewish and Christian religious minorities.

Baha’is have written letters to the American capitalists who wanted invest their capital in Iran, submitting [records of] the proceedings of the private and public sessions of the Iranian parliament about the confiscation of the property of Baha’is and [told them that their invested capital would] be confiscated and destroyed in different ways.


The Telegrams of Baha’is

Following the press activities that have been published, even in the most widely circulated American journals, such as Newsweek, Time and Life magazines, nearly 2,500 telegrams have reached government officials from Baha’is in Europe, the United States, and even Africa. An Iranian government official wrote that if the Iranian opposition had spent ten million dollars, they would not have been able to [arouse such publicity] against Iran. Propaganda against Iran has also penetrated the press, the radios and the cinemas.


These telegrams were sent by the Shoemakers’ Guild:

Qom - To the holy presence of His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi, may his blessings continue,

The Shoemakers’ Guild of the holy land, while [sending telegrams] to the relevant authorities, demands the dismantling of the anti-religious organization and the pursuit of the perverse sect [Baha’is], and that they take the necessary action as soon as possible to carry out his orders. We are ready for any kind of sacrifice to carry out the orders of the leader of the Shiite world.


To His Majesty the beloved emperor,

The great sorrow of the leader of religion about the lack of progress of the holy struggle that has started against the Baha’is, has caused great sorrow and much pain in the hearts of the Shiite people of Iran, particularly the Khorasan region. Therefore, we request [that] the beloved emperor order immediate action to eradicate the false religion and anti-patriotic networks of this perverse sect [Baha’i] as soon as possible.


Tehran – Mr. Ala, the prime minister,

Copy to the Senate – Copy to the National Consultative Assembly

It is expected that, as soon as possible, with the seriousness of the reformist government of Your Excellency and both Parliaments, immediate action will be taken to end the involvement of the anti-religious and riotous Baha’i population in all aspects of the country. The Shoemakers’ Guild - Holy Land


The Honourable Mr. Ala, prime minister,

Copy to the National Consultative Assembly via Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Safaie – Copy to Kayhan Newspaper

Since the intentions of the Grand Ayatollah Mr. Borujerdi, are the wishes of the Muslims of the world, we call on the National Consultative Assembly and the government of Your Excellency, who are determined to fight corruption, to take the necessary measures as soon as possible to carry out His Honour’s orders to dismantle the anti-religious, corrupt and illegal Baha’i organization. Otherwise, we and all Muslims will rise to our duty. The Students of Navvab School