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[Newspaper:] Hamshahri

[Date:] Monday, 10 Bahman 1373 [30 January 1995], 28 Sha’ban 1415

[Issue No.:] 611


Tomorrow the Vast Cultural Agglomeration of Khavaran Will Be Inaugurated

The Great Cultural Agglomeration of Khavaran was constructed within 18 months and with a budget of 20 billion rials. Tomorrow, Khavaran Cultural Centre will be inaugurated.

City News Service: Khavaran Cultural Centre, which is situated in the southeast region of Tehran and is considered one of the country’s biggest cultural centres, will be inaugurated on Tuesday morning with the presence of some national authorities and the Tehran Municipality.

According to our reporter, this great cultural centre, which is situated in the underprivileged area of the city [of Tehran], is built on 83,000 square meters of land and is operating with three main sections and sixteen educational campuses, which will have various activities.