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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Khavaran Cultural Center

[Date:] 5 Esfand 1395 [23 February 2017]


Investigating the Issue of Perverse Sects, Especially Baha’ism, in Khavaran[1]

The conference of the Salman Voice Centre on the subject of critique and study of deviant sects will be held on Wednesday, 4 Esfand [22 February] at the Khavaran Cultural Centre.

According to the public relations [office] of the Cultural and Artistic Management Organization of District 15, the more the values and ideological foundations of Islam and the Holy Family spread in the world, the more anti-values and anti-religious tendencies spread; but what is important in this area is to know that their movements are organized and have a special administration.

The supreme leader said, “The enemy must be seen from afar; a nation must know the enemy, know the enemy’s plan, and equip oneself against it.”

Accordingly, a conference (“Recognizing Your Enemy”) on the critique of deviant sects, especially Baha’ism, will be held on Wednesday, 4 Esfand [22 February], in the assembly hall of the Khavaran Cultural Centre.

Also, for the effectiveness of this meeting, we are looking for three [dimensions], including the activities of sectarian currents; target groups, as well as the activities carried out; and the forthcoming plans for confrontation.

The speaker of this conference, Hojatoleslam Ali Rajabi, examines the harms of deviant sects and the missions of individuals in society against them, as well as their structure and origin.

Those interested in participating in this programme from 16:00 should refer to the address of Khorasan Square, Khavaran Street, Hashem Abad intersection, Khavaran Cultural Centre, or call 33015423 for more information.


[1] [The former Baha’i cemetery in Tehran, known as Golestan-e-Javid]