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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Khaneh Maddahan

[Date:] 21 Esfand 1390 [11 March 2012]


Baha’ism Goes Beyond a False Religion

The perverse Baha’i sect is one of the false religions, which also operates abroad. In this article, which relates the experiences of the author during his student years abroad, an attempt has been made to provide aspects of the activities of the members of this sect abroad that he has personally observed and obtained information about, to notify his compatriots and the youth.

By sending its propagators to all parts of the world, the sect has created an extensive network that carries out its mission against Muslims and Iranians with specific purposes.

The main target of this group is us Shias, especially Iranian Shias. In their gatherings and the propaganda they perform, in addition to inviting people to convert to their so-called religion, they are questioning and destroying the international image of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and recently they seem to have realized that the reason for the Iranian people’s not welcoming them is not only their opposition to the Islamic Republic, but also because the people themselves are not interested in them and reject them. They have also targeted the Iranian people with their poisonous propaganda.

Here, the question arises as to why, if their only goal is really to invite them to the Baha’i sect, they work and propagandize everywhere against Muslims, Shias, the Islamic Republic and even the rules and laws of Islam?!! Thus, it is clear that there is malice behind this sect, which has targeted the religion and beliefs of the Iranian people under the guise of introducing and inviting them into their illegitimate sect.

Baha’is enjoy various protections from hostile countries, the most notable of which are:

  1. Attending all scientific, cultural, social and political meetings and conferences with the support of Israeli and American embassies and diplomatic centres. In all local programmes, the names of these people are provided to the organizers so that with their regular presence, they are informed about the issues and they can get to know more people in such gatherings.
  2. Diplomatic protection of Baha’is is such that, in the event of a problem or any other issue in the country of mission, the embassies of the United States and Israel support them as their own nationals. So here it becomes obvious that one of the purposes of marrying U.S. citizens is to get diplomatic support.
  3. Financial support, Baha’i teachers have a permanent salary for a prosperous life and all their mission and travel expenses are paid in full. In addition, the amounts paid to individuals for cooperation and recruitment should be also considered. Teachers will receive between $1,000 and $2,000 as a reward for each new member, depending on the country of mission.

Another important factor is the fluency in the Persian language of non-Iranian Baha’is abroad. These people, the vast majority of whom are American citizens, have been trained in Persian for years in order to communicate with Iranians in the course of their mission, which is also something to consider. And here we come to the certainty that their main addressee is me, a Persian-speaking Iranian!!!

Baha’is who are sent on missions to various countries, especially to countries and university cities, continue to work under the auspices of university professors and teachers, which has benefits for their purposes.

In fact, what experts and masterminds are the members of this sect, who try to impress the minds by showing oppression and demagoguery, and in this way draw an ugly face on Iran and Iranians!

It is necessary for the youth to be aware of the tricks and deceptions of belief and ideology, to get rid of such worldly differences and to be fully aware of the tricks and methods of deception and influence of this group; in other words, they need to have insight, so that in case of encounter, they will be able to distinguish true from false.