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The Judiciary

The Head Office of Judiciary of Kurdistan Province

Writ of Summons for the Accused


Number: 0675

Date: -----

Name: Khalil

Family Name: Eghdamian

Father’s Name: Mohammad

Place of Residence: [redacted]

Cause of Summoning: Change of usage of the complaint against you by the Department of Agriculture Jihad [Mobilization]

Time of appearance: 9:30 am

Place of Appearance: Assistant Prosecutor’s Office of the Fifth Branch of the Public and Revolutionary Court of Qorveh

Time of appearance: Five days after serving the writ of summons. In accordance with Articles 170, 178, 179, and 190 of the Criminal Code of Procedure, enacted in 1392 [2013/2014], if you have engaged a lawyer and have some witnesses, they could accompany you to the Branch at the appointed time. The consequence of non-appearance without submitting a justifiable excuse is arrest. Should you have a valid excuse, present it to the Court.

Ghasem Kheiri - Assistant Prosecutor of the Fifth Branch of the Revolutionary Court in Qorveh, [signature]

Name and surname of the process server:

Dated twenty-fourth of the month of Tir in the year 1395 [14 July 2016]

Third Lieutenant Hamid Rezaie [signature]

24 Tir 1395 [14 July 2016]

Signature and fingerprint of the summoned person