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The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting House (Audio Visual)

In the Name of God

Date: 13/12/1365 [4 March 1987]

Number: 11-1310


Mr. Keyvan Rahnavard Bazar

Employment number: [redacted]

Hereby, the final verdict, number 845, dated 4/12/1365 (23 February 1987), of the Primary Board of Investigating Administration Offences (copy enclosed) is presented to you.  In light of this verdict, your services in the government offices are permanently terminated. The above-mentioned verdict is effective as from 4/12/65 [23 February 1986].

In case of your appeal, the Court of Administrative Justice would investigate the above verdict.

It is necessary for you to settle your account.

Administrative Director General of the Organization

Ali- Reza Amini [signature]


Copy: Finance Office – Account Office for wages and fees, for information and necessary action

: Branch of Rasht for information and necessary action

: Retirement Office and [those] responsible please take necessary actions in stopping the retirement benefits from the above mentioned date.

: Wages and Fees Unit

: Central Office of Security

: Health Centre

: Consumers Cooperative Company

: Housing Cooperative Company

: The Primary Board of Investigating Administration Offences with reference to the letter number B/22/8012 dated 9/12/? For information