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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday, 5 Mordad 1360 – 25 Ramadan 1401 [27 July 1981]

[Issue No.:] 11343


By Order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court

Two Well-known Spies of Israel Were Executed in Kashmar

Mashhad – Pars News Agency – In the early hours of yesterday morning, by the order of the Revolutionary Court of Kashmar, two agents and spies of international Zionism were executed in this town.

The orders issued are as follows: Kamaloddin Bakhtavar son of Sadegh [is] charged with membership in the Zionist espionage organization in favour of the Qods-occupying regime; communicating with the leaders of Zionism in Israel; being a member and active participant in the network of the continental auxiliary board of espionage; recruitment of individuals in Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Burma, for the purpose of gathering information; offering short- and long-term plans to misguide the Muslim people of the region; reporting the outcome of the accounts of his own activities to the agents of Zionism, such as the [late], well-known Zionist Masih Farhangi; having received commendation from the continental board of counsellors; preparation and dissemination of misguiding pamphlets in different languages; organizing various classes for seducing and deceiving Muslim and underprivileged people of the region; collaboration in the centre of activities as representative of the so-called Nownahalan investment company; and strengthening that relationship with the detested Pahlavi regime and dismantled SAVAK; he is sentenced to be executed by hanging.

Mr. Nematollah Katebpour-Shahidi, son of Hedayatollah, [is] charged with membership in the Zionist espionage organization and spying in favour of the Qods-occupying regime; establishing a direct monetary and political relationship with Israel; partnership in the investment company of Nownahalan; collection of accurate social, political, military and educational information on the country’s urban and rural situation; identifying government dignitaries; providing the mentioned information to the Zionist leaders and Israel; receiving related commendation about direct and effective cooperation with the Omana Corporation of economic espionage, one of the Zionists’ information bases in Iran; the acquisition of real estate with a view to establish misguiding centres; dissemination of and teaching false material and anti-Islamic ideas and seducing people; attending the International Congress of the Zionist Baha’is for a period of 40 days in England; connection and contact with the detested Pahlavi regime, the dissolved SAVAK, the Iran Noveen Party and the dead Hoveida; opposing and endeavouring to overthrow the regime of the Islamic Republic; he was sentenced to execution by hanging.

The sentences issued for the two mentioned accused were carried out in the early morning of yesterday [Sunday], after recitation of verses of the Quran, at the grounds of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Kashmar.

The Pars News Agency reports that during the open trial of these two spreaders of corruption and enemies of God, which was presided over by Hojjatol-Islam Val-Moslemin, [Mr.] Haeri, the Sharia judge of the Southern Khorasan Courts, thousands of people of this town were present and they carefully followed the procedures of the Islamic Court of Justice.