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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Sunday 15 Mehr 1358 – 7 October 1979


Those Accused of the Massacre in Shahrak-e-Sadi Were Summoned to Court

Shiraz - Kayhan Reporter

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution in Shiraz summoned those accused of participation in the Saadi town killings, to present [themselves] within a week from the publication of this summons to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Shiraz:

Rouhollah Fahandej, Mahnoush Fahandej,  Kourosh Fahandej, Ghanbar-Ali Fahandej, Baghaollah Fahandej, Behnam Fahandej, Boushehr Fahandej, Mesbah Fahandej, Baha- Bakhsh Fahandej, Majid Fahandej, Hemayat  Fahandej, Amanat Fahandej, Alibakhsh Fahandej, Jahanbakhsh Fahandej, Nikbakhsh Fahandej, Jahangir Fahandej, Ainollah Fahandej, Shahram Fahandej, Karim Atashzay,  Rahim Atashzay.


A few individuals have also been arrested in relation to this incident, whose names are as follows:

Tarazollah Fahandej, Nabiollah Fahandej, Colonel Reza-Gholi Fahandej, Esmatollah Fahandej [Colonel Azamatollah Fahandej], and Sefatollah Fahandej (vanished).