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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 28 Tir 1377-[19 July 1998]

[Issue No:] 16271


Political notes


Contemptuous Smile on One Milliard Muslims


It was in the news that the perverse Baha’i sect had recently been recognised as an official “religion” by the Ministry of Education of Austria.


The protection and support by the western countries of this sect, with a small number of followers, which was built through colonization, is becoming intense, while more than 15 million Muslims all over Europe—although Islam is officially recognised in most countries as the second religion after Christianity—are not benefiting from [government] protection and facilities [which are available to others]. On the contrary; they are deprived of the least of the legal and religious rights which the western countries, under the name of democracy and freedom, claim they have. Followers of Islam in European countries, despite its being recognised as an official religion, and the services they [the followers of Islam] have been and are offering in these countries, have always been the subjects of much discrimination and even obvious hardship and suffering, for different reasons—such as in France, which calls itself the cradle of democracy, and also in Germany and other countries supposed to be civilised countries of Europe, [where] Muslim women and girls become deprived of working, teaching and studying only due to the offence of wearing their hair covered. In Germany, the racist groups, which are protected by suspicious organisations, hurt and set fire to the houses and shops of Muslims, taking away the security of the Muslim communities and making everything difficult for them.  Other countries of Europe, also, every day, with unsubstantial and doubtful excuses such as terrorism and fundamentalism and [others], put under pressure the existence and the identity of the minority groups of Muslims.


When the western countries, with the excuse of secularism and [others], do not  put a shine on the big religions which believe in the oneness of God, and have a milliard followers, and consider the growth and spread of sects dangerous to their communities’ health, it is not clear how and with what  intentions and reasons the country of Austria, which was in support of communication between Islam and Christianity in recent years, recognises a political sect as a “religion”, which, according to the unanimity of the jurists of Islam, has no religious root and has been created by the foreign powers for the sake of colonization, covetousness and political profit-seeking.


Marzieh Movahhed