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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 24 Mehr 1391 [15 October 2012]


Baha’i Minister and Marking the Occasion of Mid-Sha’ban!?

Maryam Sadeghi

Farrokhrou Parsa’s appointment as deputy minister of education had drawn criticism from various religious groups, including clerics. They saw this as an insult to the clergy, but on the other hand, the Baha’is in education departments had supported her.

Despite widespread opposition to the appointment to the Ministry of Education, Farrokhrou Parsa, who previously had no influence, began to campaign for the ministry under the guidance of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is. On the one hand, the appointment of her co-religionists was on her agenda: “Mrs. Parsa tried to gradually strengthen the Baha’i gang in the Ministry of Education by giving them positions.”

The longing desire of the Baha’is for full control of the Ministry of Education came true, and in Shahrivar 1347 [August/September 1968], Farrokhrou Parsa became minister of education.

One of Farrokhrou Parsa’s first actions was to dissolve the study of the educational value of the seminary students. According to SAVAK, on the day Dr. Parsa became the minister of education, she dissolved the commission which examined the educational value of seminary students and the quality of the Ijtihad [divine science] certificate of those who had received it from high authorities for submission to the secretariat of the Higher Education Council. As a result of the dissolution of this commission, the seminarians and individuals like them could not gain academic value for themselves by citing their Ijtihad certificate before religious scholars.

Farrokhrou Parsa decided to ceremonially mark the occasion of mid-Sha’ban to deceive the public due to the intensification of the news of her being Baha’i; however, her trick became revealed to the participants, who said, “Due to the publication of circulars on the rumours that Dr. Parsa was a Baha’i, the ceremony was formed so that the allegation of her being a Baha’i would be dropped.”