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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday 12 Mordad 1360 - 2 Shawwal 1401 - [3 August 1981]

[Issue No.:] 11348


Nine Zionist Spies and Ten Participants in the 30 Khordad’s Clashes Executed by Firing Squad in Tabriz.

Tabriz – Kayhan Reporter – Under an order issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tabriz, 19 people were executed by firing squad at 11:00 pm last Thursday in  the Tabriz Prison yard , for committing the crimes of espionage for the Enemy State and the Occupier of Qods[1], supporting the hated regime of Pahlavi, falsification of news about the Islamic Republic of Iran, engaging in military revolt against the Islamic Republic of Iran in relation to membership in and collaboration with the American combat group Paykar and formation of networks, printing newspapers for the combat groups Paykar and Koomle, collaboration with the illegal armed groups Koomle and Fadaie - the Ashraf branch, participation in the inhuman clashes of 30 Khordad 1360 [20 June 1981] and assaulting and wounding citizens and Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and attempting to obtain firearms and to create fear and terror amongst the people.

According to the press release issued on behalf of the Public Relation of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tabriz, the names and the crimes of the executed individuals are as follows:

  1. Masrour Dakhili, son of Hasan
  2. Hosein Asadollah-Zadeh, son of Asadollah
  3. Abdol-Ali Asadyari, son of Kamran
  4. Parviz Firouzi, son of Reza
  5. Esmail Zehtab, son of Mohammad
  6. Habibollah Tahghighi son of Hosein
  7. Manochehr Khasefi [Mr. Manouchehr Khazei], son of Hosein
  8. Allah-Vardi Mirsaghi Mamaghani [Allah-Vardi Misaghi], son of Aziz
  9. Mehdi Baheri, son of Jabbar

Each of these nine people has been charged with and condemned for having engaged in espionage against Islam and Muslims in support of the Enemy State and the Occupying the Government of Qods, providing political, cultural, military, and economic information and news regarding various regions, collecting and transferring money to the Occupying Governments of Qods, participation in anti-state conferences inside and outside [Iran], supporting the hated Pahlavi regime and falsification of news of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, propaganda against Islam and Muslims as well as the government and compelling ordinary and uninformed people to commit apostasy.  Based on clear evidence, testimony, and the confessions of all nine accused, they are clearly [guilty] of Spreading Corruption on Earth, are enemies of God and His Prophet and hostile [to the Islamic Revolution] and were [therefore] condemned to be executed by firing squad.


[1] [It referrers to State of Israel]