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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday 26 Azar 1364 [17 December 1985] 4 Rabi'ath -Thani 1406

[Issue No.:] 12621

[Page:] 2


Constitutional Assembly Began Study of Details of Bill of Disciplinary Regulations for Scientific Councils of Universities and Academic Institutions

Political Service of Kayhan

…Hojjati, the representative of Maku, also reminding [us] of the calamity of Bhopal of India, the fierce Sabra and Chatila massacre, and thousands of crimes perpetrated by the leaders of the ungodly, stated: “Do not such actions violate human rights? Yet the trial and punishment of some criminal hypocrites and some Baha’i spies in Iran are considered to be a violation of human rights. Has the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations lost so much of its credibility that, besides being influenced by the powerful nations, it is also misled by some hypocrites and once again, the issue of the violation of human rights— this new conspiracy of America— is heard from it?…”