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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adopted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 30 Aban 1390 [21 November 2011]


People of Abarghou Praised the Destruction of the Baha’i Home by Signing a Petition

Yazd - Kayhan Reporter:

A large number of people in Abarghou, while supporting the demolition of a Baha’i home in the Village of Esfandabad of this city, praised this action in a scroll-petition, sent to the press and media in Yazd Province.

The scroll-petition states: “It was appropriate for this centre, which has been propagating the perverse Baha’ism, to be destroyed at the very beginning of the victory of the revolution, and [to act] against the religion that is against Islam and Shi’ism. Although it is unfortunate that this action [demolition of the Baha’i home] was delayed, it made the heart of every man and woman believer of this city delighted and joyous. Therefore, we consider it necessary to support and appreciate this God-pleasing action.

According to this report, before the demolition of this house in the Village of Esfandabad of Abarghou, people had repeatedly requested the demolition of this expansion centre of Baha’is[m] in this area by sending the scroll-petitions.