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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan Havaie

[Date:] Wednesday, 4 Mordad 1368 – 26 July 1989

[Issue No.:] 838

[Page:] 3


“Local Investigators”, the Orientalists

Parviz Naghibian, Mental Conditions and Behaviour of Workers in Isfahan, supervised by John Setvetzel; Naser Takmil Homayoun, Mohammad-Sadegh Marvazi, supervised by John Aben; Mohammad-Abdollah Gorji, Vahid Dastgerdi, supervised by Gilbert Lazard; Bozorg Naderzadeh, Khabnameh Etemadossaltaneh, supervised by Maxime Rodinson and Lazard.

Now, let’s assume that these doctoral dissertations were written and translated by them. . .

. . . It is possible that some of the readers may not know who these foreigners are. They are all well-known scholars and hold positions and chairmanships in universities. For example, Mr. Maxime Rodinson introduces himself thus on the back of his book, “Mohammad”, which was published many years ago: “Expert on Islam”, “Orientalist”, and “Marxist”. One quakes fearfully in the face of all this humility and truthfulness!

In this book there are so many glaring errors, both intentional and negligent, as well as racist ideas expressed openly and implicitly, that a detailed explanation of each one of them will lead to a lengthy statement. This same Mr. Rodinson has, in these years, written two articles in the well-known newspaper, Le Monde, published in Paris; in one of them he has called Baha’ism a religion and in the other he has expressed support for the Mujahedin[1].

In the West, Mr. Rodinson is known as a famous orientalist, expert on Islam, and Marxist, and is not worse than the other orientalists in being illiterate and racist. Despite being Jewish, he has at least once said something correct about Palestine, for which the Zionists have never forgiven him. Nevertheless, Mr. Rodinson does not know a word of Persian and has accepted the responsibility of “guiding” several doctoral dissertations about Iran with utmost [illegible] and has colluded with his other colleagues in the crime of bestowing fake doctoral degrees upon many Iranians.

In the next article, we will speak about another group of students.

An Iranian residing abroad


[1] A reformist Iranian political organization.