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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 13 Shahrivar 1397 [4 September 2018]


Desperation of the Government Newspaper Demonstrated by Mourning the Plunderer of Culture and Economy!

The death of Ehsan Yarshater—another element who plundered the Iranian culture and economy—distressed and bereaved the alleged reformist. Of course, the reason for this is clear. There is a special bond and commonality between such people and the extremists claiming reforms, which can be summed up as treason and betrayal of national interests. Hence, the mentioned spectrum has always been the supporters and sympathizers of the spies, the agents of the Taghut regime, and every individual and group whose hatred and animosity against Islam and the revolution are still standing.

The Iran Newspaper, in a column called “Yad [Remembrance]”, wrote: “Whatever we leave out, nothing is sweeter than the conversation on love.” We learn from this statement and are satisfied with Ehsan Yarshater and his long and admirable record. He was the founder and secretary of a huge and precious collection called “Iranica”, and we say, “Whatever we leave out, nothing is sweeter than the conversation on Iranica.” Ehsan Yarshater founded the Encyclopaedia Iranica by the mid-1350s [1970s] and spent close to half a century of his life on it.”

It is worth mentioning that Yarshater, who grew up in the famous Baha’i family of Abdol Misagh Misaghieh and was considered an element of the shah’s court, established an institution after the coup d’état of 28 Mordad 1332 [19 August 1953], by order of the shah, to translate and promote Western books and culture, especially American, under the title “The Institution for Translation and Publishing of Books”. It was established in collaboration with the Pahlavi Foundation and Freemasons, such as Jafar Sharif-Emami and Hassan Taqizadeh.

At the very beginning of his career, Ehsan Yarshater devised a project to distort the history of Islam and Iran, and portrayed it as weak and degraded vis-a-vis the West and heretical sects such as Baha’ism (to which he belonged). First it was called “Islamic Encyclopaedia” and was funded by the Pahlavi Foundation; then, with Yarshater emigrating to the United States, the project was renamed to “Encyclopaedia of Iran and Islam.”

About Ehsan Yarshater and his 60-year anti-cultural performance and record, detailed materials are presented in the sixty-fourth volume of the semi-hidden collection of Kayhan Research Centre, entitled “Franklin in Tehran”. Those interested can buy this book from Kayhan Publishing stores. ...