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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 2 Shahrivar 1387 [23 August 2008]


[Special News]

Joint Statement of Reformists and Baha’is and Counter-Revolutionary Elements!

In a strange move, a number of reformist figures joined the well-known elements of the perverse Baha’i and counter-revolutionary sects and issued a joint statement against the Family Protection Bill, calling it an “anti-family” bill!

The statement received was made simultaneously by some claimants of reforms such as Mostafa Tajzadeh, Elaheh Kolaei, Badrossadat Mofidi and Fakhrossadat Mohtashamipour (from the Musharakat Party), Seyyed Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoeini and Ahmad Zaydabadi (from Advaar-e Tahkim), Ali-Asghar Ramazanpour and Isa Saharkhiz (senior managers of the Ministry of Guidance in Khatami’s government) and Saied Laylaz (close associates of the Kargozaran Party) and a number of prominent Baha’i and counter-revolutionary elements, such as Sattar Laghaie (a prominent Baha’i figure and one of the cultural agents of the Pahlavi regime), Hasan Shariatmadari (from the group of the Muslim People’s Republic), Hosein Bagherzadeh (from the monafeghin [hypocrites] group), Reza Fani Yazdi (from the elements of the Tudeh Party), Zia Sadrol-Ashrafi (from the separatist pan-Turkists), Abdol-Karim Lahiji (from the supporters of the group of monafeghin and member of the Rajavi Resistance National Council), Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani (a member of the American left and a member of the Rajavi Resistance National Council) and Ladan Boroumand (an element affiliated with the U.S. Intelligence Service and the head of the Abdol-Rahman Boroumand Foundation) have jointly signed.

A part of this joint statement by the claimants of reform, the Baha’is, and the counter-revolutionary elements reads: “We, the signatories, who for many years have worked with commitment and compassion (!) to prevent and reduce the human catastrophes caused by these laws (!), have now come together to take this possible step, with the help of every possible method (!) and relying on everything we can to prevent the passage of this anti-family bill in Parliament.”