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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 5 Ordibehesht 1372 [25 April 1993]


The strong verbal attack by the Office of the Iranian Representative to the United Nations [in reaction to] Clinton’s recent speech

Once again, Clinton, the president of the United States, by supporting the perverse and colonialist Baha’i sect, confirmed the affiliation of this political group with world imperialism. According to reports received, the president of the United States, during the recent inauguration of the World War II Holocaust Memorial Museum, criticized the mistreatment of the Baha’is.

On Thursday, Bill Clinton said at this ceremony: “Mistreatment of the Baha’is in Iran once again reminds us of the fragility of civilization’s security measures.” In Washington, at the inauguration ceremony of the Memorial Museum of the Holocaust committed by the German Nazi forces, Clinton criticized the mistreatment of the Baha’is in Iran while condemning the Serbian crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and suppression of the Kurds in northern Iraq, and shamelessly likened it to the massacre of the Bosnian Muslims.

It should be noted that the topic of mistreatment of the Baha’is is one of America’s oppressing tactics towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this is used once in a while as publicity by the American authorities, or by supposed human rights organizations which have close ties with America.

In this same regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s delegate to the United Nations Association derided and condemned the comparison of the massacre of the Muslims in Bosnia with the treatment of the Baha’is.

Published in the Friday press release of the Iranian delegation, it is stated that, “It is not comprehensible, logically and politically, for the president of the United States to compare purging, massacre and displacement of millions of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the abuse of tens of thousands of the country’s Muslim women, and the massacre of 5,000 Iraqi Kurds in the chemical bombing by the Baghdad regime, to the treatment of the Baha’is by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

In this statement it is said that, “Clinton’s speech is happening at a time when, a few days ago, more than 80 people from a Christian church [known as the Branch Davidians] in the United States of America were burned, reminding us of the mass killing of Jews by the German Nazi regime.

The statement says, “The permanent delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations has assured Clinton that the treatment of the members of the Baha’i sect by Iran has not and will never be the [same as the] way that the United States treated the members of the [Branch] Davidian cult.”

The Iranian delegate, in his statement, has clearly stated that no members of [any] sect or group have been penalized in The Islamic Republic of Iran for their beliefs. The Baha’is are protected equally by legal rights like any other Iranian, and will only be penalized if they violate those rights.