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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Wednesday, 28 Aban 1365 - 19 November 1986 - 16 Rabi`al-Awwal 1407

[Issue No:] 12889


Report of the special representative of the Commission on Human Rights in Iran

New York – Kayhan reporter

Special Representative of Human Rights Commission on Human Rights Situation in Iran Submits the Report to UN Social Committee

Professor Reynaldo Galindo Pohl, who, on 20 July of the current Christian year, was appointed to study the situation of human rights in Iran, in his report today to the UN Third Committee, said that reports received regarding human rights in Iran, which have been passed on to the media by the exiled groups abroad, such as Mojaheddin-Khalq [People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran], the Baha’is and non-governmental organizations, are accusatory in character.

He added that investigation into the situation of human rights in Iran is a complicated matter, and that, in the preparation of his report, he has preferred to be distanced from any kind of group or faction.

Therefore, such studies should be prepared with consideration [given to] safeguarding security matters; in this regard, he presented four accusations to the government of Iran so that the Iranian government [could] study them in their ample time and [provide a reply]. The four cases mentioned are not part of his report.

Professor Galindo Pohl, in continuation of his report, said that the study of human rights in Iran goes beyond what was mentioned in the report, and that, due to time constraints, he had not yet been able to prepare a complete report. He added that his final report—to be handed in during February of the present Christian year at the disposition of the Human Rights Commission—would be different, both qualitatively and quantitatively.