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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 13 Mordad 1387 [3 August 2008]


(Special News)

Appreciation of Shirin Ebadi by the Baha’i Centre in Israel

The Baha’i Zionist Centre in Israel sent a letter to Shirin Ebadi, praising her actions in holding the “Right to Education” press conference and the provisions of the conference’s final statement as a sign of the goodwill (!), honesty (!) and courage of Shirin Ebadi and her colleagues!

It is worth mentioning that Shirin Ebadi, who is pursuing her suspicious actions in the guise of a group called the Centre of Defenders of Human Rights, last Mehr [October] asked a person named Parham Aghdasi, as a representative of Baha’i students who were barred from entering the university, to attend the conference called “The Right to Education”, and in the final statement of the conference, called for the recognition of the rights of the Baha’i community (!).

In the official report of the Baha’i Centre, called the Universal House of Justice (!) published on 21 November 2007, this act of Shirin Ebadi is hailed as “a new page in the history of the progress of the blessed Baha’i Cause” (!)

With such actions, it is easy to understand why the Zionists made such a great effort to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi, so much so that their persistent and widespread effort aroused the scepticism of some Western circles.