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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan-e Havaei

[Date:] 28 Esfand 1370 [18 March 1992]

[Issue No.:] 974


A Pakistani citizen, in a letter to the manager of Kayhan-e Havaei:

The Baha’is are given priority for residency and work in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Tehran - Kayhan-e Havaei News Services – 22 Esfand – 12 March – The Baha’i migrants have priority over Muslims for residency and work in Kuwait and [Saudi] Arabia.

A Pakistani citizen, in a letter to the manager of Kayhan-e-Havaei, while expressing these words wrote: “Regardless of the fact that people like me have spent all their lives building Kuwait over the past many years, the government of this country, since the Persian Gulf War, has been preventing our re-entry, and [in this way], our lives have been almost destroyed by the action of Kuwaiti sheikhs who are constrained by America.”

He has requested the Iranian government to prevent the entrance of the Baha’is by using its influence in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Baha’is, in his view, are the collaborators of America and Israel.

This Pakistani Muslim  specifically stated at the end of his letter that, “Despite the efforts of the governments of Arabia and Kuwait to prevent the entrance of the Iranian and Pakistani Muslim workers, the Baha’is are benefitting from many facilities in these two countries; in fact, there are absolutely no preventive measures for their entrance and residency.