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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 10 Azar 1387 [30 November 2008]


(Special News)

Do Not Become Slave of Idle Thoughts And Vain Imaginations

The anti-revolutionary Radio Zamaneh quoted a cleric linked to Mr. Montazeri’s family and some extremist parties as claiming that the Baha’is had citizenship rights, based on a justice-oriented conception of Islam.

In an interview with Zamaneh, Fazel Meybodi contrasted text-oriented Islam with justice-oriented and right-oriented Islam, claiming, “If our understanding of Islam is text-oriented, it does not imply that Baha’is have citizenship rights, in law. They are not mentioned in the constitution as a religious minority, but if the conception is right-oriented and justice-oriented, they have citizenship rights, just like Ayatollah Montazeri has sanctioned in his fatwa.”

Of course, he did not explain how a conception that does not conform to the “text” could conform to Islam, and why the “text” and the Sharia should be contrasted with right and justice, as instilled by the enemies of Islam. Fazel Meybodi also did not mention the Zionism of the Baha’i sect and their numerous betrayals of the country during the Pahlavi era and beyond, and did not expose the fact that the Baha’i teachings are a clear violation of the principles of religion, as well as the caller and preacher of isolating religion in the arena of society and politics.

It is worth mentioning that Radio Zamaneh was established with the budget of the Dutch government and in the direction of open anti-Islamism―along with the promotion of secularism―and the cooperation of some elements dressed as clerics with this biased media, which sometimes goes as far as insulting Islamic sanctities.

According to a scientific rule that is accompanied by many empirical examples, those who engage in a right-oriented and just movement, and especially those who sacrifice genuine Islamic teachings for their own personal and partisan interests, usually fall into the arms of the enemies of Islam.