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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 11 Aban 1360 [2 November 1981]


Statements during the Friday Prayers in Qom

Seven Critical Questions of Ayatollah Jannati Addressed to the Anti-Baha’i Society

... Hojjatol-Islam Jannati, in another part of his first sermon and while conveying the people’s questions, asked the members of the Anti-Baha’i Institute to clarify their position regarding the velayat-e faqih [guardianship of the learned religious scholars], [and] in case they claim to have accepted this principle and have made a change in their previous stance, then to express it truthfully. 

They should also explain their insistence upon taking control of ettelaat [intelligence] and making exclusive use of it.

He also asked about the reason for this group’s emphasis on fighting the left wing anti-revolutionaries and neglecting the right wing anti-revolutionaries and the world-devouring America and questioned their legal and religious legitimacy in using governmental means for their group’s activities. He said, “This was done to enable the people to know what to do in light of the answers to these and other questions.”

The temporary Friday prayer imam of Qom conveyed the people’s questions regarding the Anti-Baha’i Institute as follows:

  1. You did not accept the velayat-e faqih [guardianship of the learned religious scholars], before the revolution and were outside of, opposed to, or neutral about the revolution.  Have you changed your position or not?
  2. Are you willing to confess that your previous position was wrong?  If not, then you have not changed your stance and it is clear that you have tactically accepted the position [velayat-e faqih]…
  3. You previously worked in relation to Baha’ism and said that these people were dangerous to our Islam, and we also said, “Yes, we know. They are dangerous”. You would say that they are connected to Israel, and we knew it too. Whatever you said, we accepted. We were saying that we must destroy them at the roots, but you were just cutting their branches and leaves. Very well; now their roots have been cut off and they have no place in the atmosphere of the Islamic Republic regime. The environment of the Islamic Republic does not permit the Baha’is and anti-Islamists to breathe. What is your mission in relation to this situation now?  Your previous mission is clear, but what is your mission today? …