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[Newspaper:] Kayhan London Publication

[Date:] Thursday 30 Mordad 1365 Solar - 21 August 1986 Gregorian

[Number:] 111

Founder and Director: Dr. Mustafa Mesbahzadeh


News from Iran

Pardoning of Thieves and Addicts

The Islamic Republic [of Iran] has announced that a group of prisoners will be pardoned and released for the occasion of Eid al-Adha.  Ayatollah Bojnourdi, the Head of the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic stated that a group of the prisoners would receive an early release, with the approval of Ayatollah Montazeri, such that by Eid al-Adha (which is on 25 Mordad 65 [16 August 1986]), the selected group of prisoners whose convictions will be pardoned by the court’s judgment, will be released or their sentence reduced. Ayatollah Bojnourdi added that those prisoners who will be pardoned will not include criminals or those convicted because of their affiliation with counterrevolution groups, or opponents of the Islamic Republic or affiliated to Baha’ism- who he called a perverse and spying sect. Criminals convicted of high level production or distribution of addictive drugs, professional fraudulence, armed thieves or kidnappers will not be subject to amnesty.

Therefore minor thieves and drug addicts and those have been imprisoned because of minor bribes will be pardoned by Imam Khomeini and discharged. Ayatollah Bojnourdi announced that naive supporters of counterrevolution groups, if they repent, will also be subject to amnesty by the prosecutor and religious rulers.

The counter revolution groups have estimated that there are around 130 thousand political prisoners, with a large number of them still waiting for their trial and sentencing. At present there are around 20 thousand prisoners in relation to issues of vice.

The chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Committees stated that there were 16366 prisoners in relation to issues of vice.