[Newspaper:] Kayhan International

[Date:] 29 May 1983


Islamic Republic in cross-fire from East and West

Tehran, May 28 (IRNA) – While the propaganda machine of the Soviet Union continues to lash out at Iran because of its having arrested Moscow's veteran spies (Tudeh party members), the U.S. administration in a massive propaganda tirade called for a halt in prosecution of Zionist spies in Iran.

The U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, supported by the Zionists in U.S. on their behalf, and in a bid to win the next presidential elections, has resorted to a new propaganda gimmick. In an unprecedented manner, he condemned the arrest and punishment of Bahai spies in Iran. Immediately the United Press International which has been recently purchased by Zionist Bahais relayed the news across the world. Precise synchronism and coordination of the U.S. propaganda, with the unprecedented propaganda efforts of the Soviets in a bid to white-wash Kremlin's spies in Iran, is not just accidental.

In this connection, the Voice of America (VOA) in a broadcastlast Wednesday night, voicing the official concerns of Washington, tried to make it so understood that Bahais in Iran were persecuted because of their belief. The broadcast did not even refer to the fact that the nucleus of the Zionist Bahais is in occupied Palestine and there is no doubt about animosity of Zionism with Islam.

The said broadcast did not make the slightest reference that in Islamic Iran all foreign spies and traitorous agents are subject to arrest regardless of their profession of any faith or creed.

The fact is that Islamic Revolution of Iran motivated by its spiritual concerns, ever since its victory, has countered relentlessly and with stern measures plots of spies of east and west in a any form and under any disguise.

Furthermore, it is clear that western media controlled by the Zionists and also any other media dominated by west, would not let people of the world know that these very people whom they were referring to as "innocent", "freedom loving" and "humanitarian", were in fact spies whose activities were dictated by their Zionist masters and that activities of these spies paved the way for crimes against humanity and freedom. While, no doubt, what superpowers cared for is what they gain from these spies and the big powers were not concerned in the least with the personal well-being of these people.

International Zionism has been providing all political, material, propaganda and guidelines for the anti-Islamic and pro-Zionist Bahai sect, the idea behind whose formation was undermining Islam.

It is interesting that the occupied Palestine has now been turned into a center for this political sect, and it is in the Zionist occupied Palestine that they gather and hatch their conspiracies. For instance, last month, supporters of this Zionist group gathered in Haifa, and discussed their present situation and future plans. It was in this gathering that it was decided the western media, dominated by Zionists, should play a greater role in anti-Islamic propaganda, and in an attempt to exonerate the arrested spies.


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