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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan-e Novin

[Date:] 8 Shahrivar 1393 [30 August 2014]


Signing the Letter of Commitment of the First-Degree Relatives of the Deceased Baha’is

Recently, while burying Baha’i citizens in the special Baha’i cemetery in Semnan, a six-paragraph undertaking will be requested to be signed by first-degree relatives of the deceased.

Kayhan-e Novin – Recently, Baha’i citizens who come to bury their dead in a Baha’i cemetery [have been required to] sign a six-paragraph commitment letter.

According to this obligation, Baha’i citizens cannot write [anything] on the tombstone except the name, date of birth and date of death, and they do not have the right to create green space and draw a wall around the cemetery.

Baha’i citizens also cannot build a new building around the bathhouse or place a sign or plaque on the grave or around the cemetery.

The last paragraph of the commitment letter states that the gravestones of Baha’i citizens should be level with the ground and should not have any protrusions.