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[Newspaper:] Kayhan-e Havaei

[Date:] Wednesday, 10 Aban 1374 [1 November 1995]

[Issue No.:] 1154

[Page:] 14


Concomitance Between Government of Turkey and the Baha’i Sect

Tehran – Kayhan-e Havaei – 3 Aban - 25 October – Although the National Organization of Religious Affairs of Turkey has officially announced that Baha’ism is not a religion, so far, around 100 members of this sect have successfully registered their religion as Baha’i in their identity documents.

According to the Aktuel Journal, published in Turkey, the central organization of the Baha’is in Israel is putting pressure on the government of Ankara to endorse Baha’ism as an official religion.

Recently, the members of this sect have been actively trying for the deletion of the name of Islam and stipulation of Baha’ism in their identity documents. These actions of the Baha’is are according to the instructions of the Universal House of Justice of the Baha’is in Haifa, and so far around 100 Baha’is have been successful in registering the Baha’i sect as their religion in their identity document.

The Aktuel Journal, quoting from Nuri Yilmaz, the head of the Religious Organization Affairs of Turkey writes, “Bahaism is not a religion, and some foreign powers are trying hard to render it as an official religion.”

According to the report of the correspondent of the Kayhan-e Havaei in Tajikistan, the Baha’i sect has become quite active within the last two years in the Middle East, the Caucasus, and especially in Tajikistan, and with the support of America, England and Israel, has established itself in new grounds in these areas, promoting devious thoughts among the youth and the junior youth.