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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Karzar

[Date:] 23 Aban 1334 [15 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 406


Davari, the Baha’i and Head of Azerbaijan Sugar Company

Davari, the Baha’i [who is] head of Azerbaijan Sugar [Company] has [been colluding] with the head of Ardabil Sugar [Company]. These highway robbers and beggars of Samarra, through the warehouse-keeper of Ardabil—who had hollowed out the stones of the measuring scale and filled them with wax—managed to pocket one million rials by stealing the sugar quota of the poor people of Azerbaijan [all during one year]. They were sharing it with those in the capital; [Mr.] Bahar, the deputy of [Mr.] Zargham was one of them.

We were informed that in Ardabil, someone named Ghazizadeh has become a millionaire within one year, by colluding with a sugar warehouse keeper who had emptied the middle of a kilo measuring stone and replaced it with wax. These agents, who travel to the cities in paupers’ clothes, return to Tehran with suitcases filled with gold and banknotes.

Is there any record of such blatant theft, in which someone [hollows out] a measuring kilo stone [made of heavy metal] and instead fills it with wax [light material]? The Azerbaijanis pointed out that these dishonest people were delivering to the agents between 30 and 40 kilograms out of every ton [one thousand kilograms] of sugar. No matter how much they shouted, no one paid attention to them. Yes, these thieves, who have no honour and no reputation, go and steal the property of the poor, the orphans, and the impoverished and divide it among themselves. Just pay attention; this year, if they took even one kilo from each person, would not it become a huge amount? Now, they have lifted thirty to forty kilograms [sugar] from each ton.

Ghazizadeh who was the head of Ardabil Sugar, together with Davari, the Baha’i, who was the [trainee] of Hosein Khajeh-Nouri—a former deputy minister who lived in shame, disgrace and scandal for several years and was recently appointed by Zargham as the head of Azerbaijani Sugar Factory—used and distributed between themselves and those from the main office—who sent them on this mission, along with Bahar, the former deputy of Zargham, who is one of them.

All the words that I say are documented and have files and papers of proof.

Fortunately, these thieves, who have plundered Azerbaijan for one or two years and have driven the people of that area into poverty, have been kicked out of Azerbaijan by Mr. Golshaiyan and have been entrusted to the hands of the office of recruitment. But they are not afraid of these kinds of punishments, since there is no limit to what they have done from theft and embezzlement. 

I have heard again that the Ministry of Finance and Mr. Eftekhar are planning to send these thieves and robbers to Mr. Farrokh as souvenirs and make them the heads of Sugar in that province.

I would suggest to the minister of finance to take and study the cases of these [people], who have committed so much theft and debauchery in Azerbaijan, and not allow these dishonourable and dirty stains from the Ministry of Finance to rule over the poor people of the cities during his tenure.

The dossiers of these people, which are now getting dusty in the archives of the Sugar Department, should be taken out and sent to the Criminal Court, and the mentioned individuals should be prosecuted to be an example to others. And after obtaining the necessary documents, we will write to inform Mr. Bashir Farahmand, the honourable prosecutor of the Criminal Court, as well as for the information of Dr. Sajjadi and other reformists.