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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Saturday, 30 Shahrivar 1364 – 5 Muharram 1406 - 21 September 1985

[Issue No.:] 12551


The Warnings of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament to the Government, President, Parliament and Supreme Judicial Council Regarding the Risk of Returning the Capital of Fugitive Capitalists

Hojjatol-Islam Karroubi said in a part of his speech: “The policy of attracting people that was mentioned is about the ordinary and weak people; but the fugitive capitalists, who have now returned to the country and demand their property, by God, they are counter-revolutionary with all their being, and are against this system; so the policy of attracting people is not applicable for these people.”

In continuation, he said, “Someone came from abroad and took his confiscated property. Now he has written to a fugitive Baha’i abroad, ‘I came and took my property; you can also come and take [yours].’ These are the people who return and sit in assemblies and swear and associate with the likes of Shahpour Bakhtiar and create traffic jams in the streets by his orders. These fugitive capitalists who have returned from abroad are not with us. Bazaar, Chamber of Commerce! You are Muslims! And these people cannot be with you. Their education and their views are against all of us.”

The deputy speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly then said, “Such people change both their faces and their intermediaries and use simple-minded people to mediate and take their property. Once upon a time, one of these people came to me in the scorching heat of Khordad [June/July] wearing an overcoat and said, “I am poor, miserable; give me back my property.” He had learned that Hezbollah [people] wear overcoats, so he came in this way to impress me.  Then he said, “With all the regard we have for the Supreme Judicial Council and their judges, we must give them….and advise them so they understand that what they are doing. The anti-revolutionaries were afraid of entering the country! [But] now they have come demanding their inheritance.”