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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Monday 5 Mordad 1360 [27 July 1981]

[Issue No.:] 16486

[Page:] 4


Two Zionist Spies Executed in Kashmar

Kashmar - By verdict of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice of Kashmar County, two international Zionist spies were executed in this county yesterday morning.

The verdicts [against them] are as follows:

Kamaloddin Bakhtavar, son of Sadegh, is sentenced to execution for the crimes of: membership in Zionist organisations; espionage for the occupier regime of Palestine, contact with Zionist leaders in Israel; membership and active participation in the regional spy network [by the name of] Auxiliary Board; employment of individuals in Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Burma to collect information; devising and executing long-term and short-term plans to mislead the region’s Muslims; forwarding charts of his activities to representatives of Zionism, including Masih Farhangi, the infamous Zionist who was executed; receiving letters of appreciation from the [Baha’i institution] Continental Board of Counsellors; preparing and publicising deceptive flyers in various languages; holding various classes to deceive the region’s Muslims and the downtrodden; participation in Zionist espionage under the name of the Nawnahalan Usury Company, and strengthening said company; liaising with the abhorrent Pahlavi regime and the dissolved SAVAK;

Nematollah Katebpour-Shahidi, son of Hedayatollah, was sentenced to execution for the crimes of: membership in Zionist organizations; espionage for the occupier regime of Palestine, direct financial and political contact with Israel; shareholding in the Nawnahalan Usury Company; collection of precise information pertaining to the political, social, military, and cultural situations of the country’s cities and villages; identifying our country’s prominent people and passing said information to Zionists and Israeli leaders and receiving letters of appreciation for this; purchasing properties in order to establish clandestine bases; proselytizing and distributing false and anti-Islam propaganda and deceiving people; participation in the International World Congress of the Baha’i Zionists for a period of 40 days in England; communication and contact with the abhorrent Pahlavi regime, the Iran Novin Party and the executed Hoveida; objecting to the establishment of the Islamic Republic and endeavoring to destroy it. 

The sentence in the case of the two above-mentioned criminals was carried out in the early hours yesterday at the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Kashmar, following recitation of verses of the Holy Quran. Thousands of residents were present and followed the full proceedings at the Islamic Court of Justice during the public trial of these two corrupt individuals, who have been designated as enemies of God. Hojjatol-Islam Haeri, Sharia judge of the Khorasan South Courts, presided over the trial.