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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Document number 15

Barsamco “Private Corporation”

Engineering Company

Registration Number: [Redacted]

Address: [Redacted]

Telephone: [Redacted]

Fax No.: [Redacted]


In the Name of God

The Honourable Resident Supervision Department

Honourable Mr. Eslami

Number: 87 / 222

Date: 31 Shahrivar 1387 [21 September 2008]


I would like to inform you that the preparation of the equipment and machinery for the mechanical and electrical installations of the group will start as of 2 Mehr 1387 [23 September 2008], and Mr. Seyyed Kamal Yazdanpanah is introduced as the operator responsible for the project’s mechanical and electrical facilities. He has long-term technical experience in the diligent and precise installation and operation of the equipment of the industrial plants. He has had major roles in the installation and launch of the projects of this company, such as Saderat Bank, Kerman Tire, Kerman Steel and Tak [singles] Projects. We earnestly request that you provide him with the necessary cooperation.

With gratitude,

Project Manager – Hasan Shekarchi [Signature]


Copy [to]:

Central Office of the Company, for information

Mr. Hasanabadi, engineer

Mr. Yazdanpanah, engineer

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