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Islamic Republic of Iran

Army Ground Forces

Telephone: -----

Number 71-03-247

Date: 27 Bahman 1358 [16 February 1980]

Enclosure: -----


Letter of Recommendation dated 1 Esfand 1358 [20 February 1980]

Pursuant to order number 701-03-17 – 16 Bahman 1358 [5 February 1980] of NZAJA - Army Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and order number 701-03-111 – 25 Bahman 1358 [14 February 1980] of Kerman Training Centre 05, Communications Master Sergeant Seyyed Kamal Yazdanpanah has been expelled by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army effective 1 Esfand 1358 [20 February 1980]. The Headquarters of Kerman Training Centre 05 is fully satisfied with the above-mentioned. Since the start of his Army service, he has continuously been a non-commissioned officer eager to serve, for which all commanders have been pleased with him. The only reason for the dismissal of the said non-commissioned officer from the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran is his adherence to the Baha’i religion: Z

Individual Guard Training Centre Headquarters

Unit Commander: Kerman 5 MRA Army Unit: Captain Ahmad Lotfi



Master Sergeant of the Army Unit:

Third Lieutenant Pour-Cheraghi [Signature]  


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