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Ministry of Education

Technical and Vocational Education Organization

Technical College of Isfahan


In the Name of God


Date: 6 Mordad 1361 [28 July 1982]

[Number:] 294

Attachment: ------


Esteemed Chancellor of the Technical College of Isfahan:

I wish to respectfully inform you of the following.

Further to letter number 1364, dated 23 Khoradad 1361 [13 June 1982] concerning the eligibility of Mr. Kamal Kashani and Zekrollah Koushki-Baghi to continue their studies, it must be mentioned that an exact copy of their petition has been forwarded to the Sari Selection Council, and we have not yet received any information. Meanwhile, [it must be noted that] from the point of view of the regulations, the members of the perverted Baha’i sect are not eligible to continue [their] education.   

The Student Selection Council of the Technical Schools of Isfahan Province


Copy is sent for the information of Mr. Zekrollah Koushki-Baghi, that: “Considering the above order, you have been expelled from this Technical College as of this date. Should you have any objections [to this order], refer to the responsible “Selection” authorities.”


The Head of the Technical Collage of Shahid Mohajer

Arjavand – [Stamp and signature]