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Prime Minister


Dated: 4 Khordad 1320 [25 May 1941]

Number: 2782


The head of the Special Office of the Shah


The reports that had been brought to the attention of His Majesty, the Shah, by the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, pertained to the fact that some of the heads of government offices, and particularly Education Departments in the cities of the Sixth Province, have been engaged in promoting Baha’ism and have had activities and demonstrations related to this matter.  Some committees have been formed and some statements have been made.  The blessed orders of His Majesty, the Shah, were conveyed by His Majesty that a detailed investigation is to be conducted and the violators be prosecuted, bringing this situation to an end.  This blessed order was also conveyed to the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces.  Since the minister of justice was traveling to those parts for some administrative supervision purpose, the reasons behind the shah’s orders were communicated to him, and it was brought to his attention that such propaganda and activities, particularly on the part of government employees, is absolutely prohibited and would be a cause for serious prosecution.  Thus, it is necessary for him to investigate this matter in person and report on the outcome, so that it may be presented to the glorious presence of the shah.  At this time, two telegraphic reports, one from Ahvaz and the other from Malayer, have been received on this matter, copies of which are attached.  We request that you communicate these points to the glorious presence of the shah.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten 1:] A summary of the reports received was conveyed to the Army Headquarters.

[Handwritten 2:] Renewed [sic].   4 Khordad 1320 [25 May 1941], Malek[-Alkalami].