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[Adapted from website:] Justice for Iran

[Date:] 31 Mordad 1395 [21 August 2016]


Letter from Sahba Rezvani, a Baha’i Citizen, to the Authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In Khordad 1393 [May/June 2014], Sahba Rezvani, sister of Ataollah Rezvani, sent letters to Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, Sadeq Amoli Larijani, head of the Judiciary, Mohammad-Javad Larijani, head of the Islamic Human Rights Office, and Ali Motahhari, member of parliament, requesting that they follow up on the case of her brother’s murder.

In these letters, which were sent to the above officials with the same text, Sahba Rezvani, listing 16 cases of violations of her and her family’s rights from the first years of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran until now, wrote that the “most cruel and painful” of all the above [mentioned] cases was “the kidnapping, assassination and murder” of her brother Ataollah Rezvani in Bandar Abbas in Shahrivar 1392 [August 2013], in response to which, “so far, no action has been taken by Bandar Abbas Security to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators” of this incident.

Mrs. Rezvani has called on high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic to issue a “serious and urgent” investigation into these cases, especially in connection with the murder of her brother. So far, none of the officials with whom she had pled for justice has responded to her letters.

I, Sahba Rezvani, daughter of Enayatollah, born in 1332 [1953/1954], with ID number 191 issued from Birjand, respectfully submit that:

The spoken words of Messrs. Mohammad Javad Larijani and Sadegh Larijani that no Baha’i is deprived of his/her citizenship rights just because of his/her beliefs, were encouraging and hopeful. But I must say that my family and I are deprived of many citizenship rights simply because we are Baha’is. To avoid prolixity, I will mention only a few cases:

  1. Dismissal from work due to my being a Baha’i in 1980 (copy of the verdict is attached)
  2. Dismissal of my spouse because of being a Baha’i (copy of the verdict is attached)
  3. Refusal of the high school to enrol my daughter Anisa Fanaian in the pre-university level (it was communicated orally because of her being Baha’i, without presenting any document)
  4. Preventing my daughter Anisa Fanaian from entering the university (due to her being Baha’i and it was recorded as incomplete file)
  5. Preventing my son Farhad Fanaian from entering the university (due to his being Baha’i and it was recorded as incomplete file)
  6. Preventing my son-in-law Siamak Ighani from entering the university for 15 consecutive years (due to his being Baha’i and it was recorded as incomplete file) and after he was allowed to enter the university to study at Payame Noor University in 1382 [2003], only two years later he was expelled by verbal notification because of his being a Baha’i
  7. My own arrest in 1387 [2008/2009] due to my belief, where I was sentenced to three years in prison after an illegal interrogation process and an unfair trial in an illegal court (the judgment shows this claim)
  8. Arrest of my son-in-law Siamak Ighani in 1389 [2010/2011], for performing religious rites, where he was imprisoned for three years, having two young children
  9. The sealing of the Zeiss optical shop in 1390 [2011/2012] where my son-in-law Siamak Ighani worked (for no apparent reason at all, only because he was Baha’i)
  10.  The sealing of the Pouyan Navar factory in 1391 [2012/2013], where my husband Nezamoddin Fanaian was working, and this resulted in his unemployment
  11. Arrest of my daughter Anisa Fanaian, and [her having to undergo] an illegal trial; she was sentenced to 22 months in prison. By her going to prison, her two children, aged three and eight, were deprived of living with their parents, while, with the closure of their father’s business, they were deprived of even a basic living.
  12. Prevention of my daughter-in-law Tina Fanaian from entering the university (due to her being a Baha’i and it was recorded as incomplete file)

In all the above cases, the only common denominator for closing the places of business is that the owners were Baha’is

  1. Arrest of my uncle Mohammad Hosein Nakhaie, an 86-year-old man, and his being sentenced to one year in prison in Birjand (under very harsh conditions) and the payment of a fine of 6,000,000 tomans cash.
  2. Attacking my residence and looting all our religious books and even our personal and private belongings, including movies and family photos, etc.… by the Intelligence Office (three times so far)
  3. And finally, more cruel and painful of all the above cases is the kidnapping, assassination and murder of my brother Ataollah Rezvani in Bandar Abbas in Shahrivar 1392 [September 2013]; so far no action has been taken by Bandar Abbas to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators.

It should be noted that all Baha’i shops in Semnan are now sealed and Baha’is in Semnan are deprived of the right to work and earn a living, which is the minimum human and citizenship rights of every human being, and work permits are not issued to Baha’is under various pretexts. This pain of our family is the common pain of many Baha’i citizens of Iran.

Therefore, I ask that esteemed official to seriously and urgently address the affairs of our family, which is an example of the Baha’i families living in Iran, especially the case of my brother’s murder, business licence and unjust sentences due to religious prejudices. If there is a need for explanation in any of the above cases, please request and the response will be provided in person.


Sahba Rezvani