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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhoury-e Eslami

[Date:] 1 Aban 1370 [23 October 1991]


Mocking the Muslims of Bangladesh

A seminar on the “Equality of the Rights of Men and Women: A Necessary Condition for World Peace”, was organized at the Baha’i Centre of Bangladesh.

The New Nation newspaper, which is published in Dhaka, mentioning this subject in its Saturday issue, wrote: “This seminar was held by Masoum Alhoda, a member [illegible] the minority councils of the Asian Baha’is [sic].  

In this seminar, Professor Mannan, the advisory minister for religious affairs of Bangladesh, as the head of [illegible], gave a speech [in which he] said, “Bangladesh has ensured equal rights for the members of all different religious groups.

At the close of the seminar on “The Equality of the Rights of Men and Women: A Necessary Condition for World Peace”, a book exhibition about the Baha’i religion was launched.

The visible activities of the Baha’i community of Bangladesh during the last six months compared to the last ten years are [illegible].

The Iranian Baha’is secretly play an active role in [illegible] the Baha’is of Bangladesh.

It is worth mentioning that on 14 Shahrivar [5 September] a three-member-delegation from the Baha’i community, including an Iranian Baha’i, met with the advisory minister in [illegible] of Bangladesh.

This action of the government of Bangladesh could be interpreted as mocking the belief and public opinion of more than 85% of the 110-million Muslim population of Bangladesh, and certainly there would be reactions by the Islamic groups.

The advisory minister for religious affairs of Bangladesh, who has called Baha’ism a religion, has stated that his country could be the place of the activities of this [illegible], whereas Baha’ism has never been a religion or religious belief, and throughout history, the members of this perverse [sect] [illegible] have always been the playthings of the powerful West.

If the minister [illegible] of a country, 90 million of whose population are Muslim, cannot understand this, it is a big calamity, and if [illegible] for the sake of God [illegible] they have done, should act [illegible] around other matters.