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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] Monday, 20 Bahman 1365 [9 February 1987] – 10 Jumada t-Tania 1407

[Issue No.:] 2236

[Page:] 10


The Appearance of Daybreak

A second glance at roots and effective elements in the victory of the Islamic Revolution of


… Another issue that is under consideration in the path of “the elimination of Iran in the public arena” is the matter of “human rights”. In this regard, we are looking mostly at the religious minorities. This is at a time when Iran has not, so far, committed the slightest mistake towards the minorities that are engaged quietly with their own affairs. The [mistaken idea] that some of Iran’s actions with regard to the religious minorities have been erroneous is due to lack of knowledge about the actions of the religious minorities.

Occasionally, this question is raised in the media: What does Iran [want to] do with the Baha’is? Actually, the format of this question is wrong. If we switch the subject and the object of this sentence, we will help to clarify the truth, as in: What do the Baha’is want to do with Iran? Indeed, what do the Baha’is want from Iran? In truth, this is how we should formulate the question.

In short, as long as the minorities have not committed any offence, Iran is obliged to provide them with Islamic security. There are no arguments so far, but what if the minorities do not sit still, and act with mischief?

… In this regard, we should pay attention to another issue—creating turmoil and uproar in Iran, which is regarded as conspiracies that have misled some. Those who have been misled in this regard are those who have not yet perceived the shape of discord in Islam, and thus believe that the Islamic Revolution of Iran also chews up its own children, as in other revolutions. Whereas the Islamic Revolution has never been a revolution to eliminate its children, but the hypocrites that have not been able to digest the realities of the Revolution will be eliminated by the Revolution. The Islamic Revolution of Iran has proven that not all revolutions “eliminate their children”. In spite of all the activities of the enemy, there has been no chaos in the country and the true children of the Revolution confront the conspiracies as a strong foundation, with every passing day, and do not allow the front line of the revolutionary Muslims, who lost their lives in criminal attacks, to be left unprotected. That means no cracks will be created amongst their lines and their strength will be reinforced by any new event …