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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] 9 Khordad 1362 [30 May 1983]


Support of Washington and Moscow for Their Spying Sects in Iran Intensified

While the blasts of the Russian propaganda attacks against Iran for arresting the veteran Moscow spies, announced as convicts, have not eased, the U. S. governing body has, with vast propaganda, requested prevention of the arraignment of Zionist spies for their activities in Islamic Iran.

As reported by the Islamic Republic [of Iranian] Broadcasting, Reagan, head of the U. S. governing body, on behalf of and with the instigation of the dominant Zionist wings in this country, and undoubtedly to please them for the upcoming presidential election, has taken to the new propaganda game, condemning the penalization of the Baha’i spies in Iran. This news was broadcast to the world moments later by United Press International, which has recently been bought by a Zionist Baha’i.

The recent coordination and coincidence of the U. S. propaganda with Russia’s unprecedented propaganda attempts to prove the innocence of the Kremlin’s experienced spies in Islamic Iran is quite noteworthy. Along the same line, also on Wednesday evening, Radio America, in an offensive [broadcast] about Washington’s official commentary, tried to show that the Baha’i spies in Iran were arraigned and penalized only for their ideas and beliefs, not mentioning that the headquarters of Zionist Baha’is is in Israel. There was no reference, in this broadcast, to the position of the Islamic Republic—that arresting foreign spies in Islamic Iran comprises all traitors, regardless of their sect and religion. The truth is that Iran’s Islamic Revolution, in accordance with its divine contents, has, since the outset of its victory, pursued, fought and severely opposed the conspiratorial activities of Eastern and Western spies, be they in any [guise] and [espousing any] belief, even under the pretence [of being] Islamic. And it is a clear fact that, naturally, the Western media, under the influence of Zionism and the entire media connected with the East, are not willing for the peoples of the world to know that those presented by these media as innocent, liberal and humanitarian people, are but spies, whose devious activities are directly led by the Zionist masters, have [perpetrated] evident and secret crimes against humanity and liberty, and indeed, [are] not the people whose spying activities are favoured by the super-powers.

And now, global Zionism is responsible for providing the entire political, financial, and propaganda resources, and also designing the methods of anti-Islamic activities of the Zionist Baha’i sect, whose philosophy of creation from the outset has been conspiracy against Islam. It is noteworthy that the Islamic territory of Palestine, presently under tyrannical Zionist occupation, has turned into the centre for planning and leading this sect. It is also notable that followers of this Zionist group gathered last month in Haifa in the occupied Palestine, under the supervision of Zionists, and engaged in consultations on the future and present situation of this group, and it was agreed at this assembly for the Western media, controlled by Zionism, to play a broader role in counter-Islamic propaganda with a view to vindicating their captive spies.

It is noteworthy that the nine-membered Zionist Baha’i leadership council, based in Israel, consists of five Americans, one Englishman and an Irishman.