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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] [?]

[Number:] 14714 M A


In the Name of God


Employment Notice


To complete its technical team at the martyred Dr Ghandi Ground Station (Asadabad of Hamadan), the Communications Corporation of Iran is looking for male applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics or Communications Engineering and who meet the following criteria:


General conditions of employment:

  1. Must be a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. Must be a Muslim or a member of one of the [country’s] officially recognized religions
  3. Must be committed to and believe in the [legitimacy of the] regime of Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Must provide documentation attesting his having completed his military service or having been exempted from service.
  5. The interested applicant must not have previously been fired or purged [from employment] or have received severance from any governmental organizations or ministries
  6. Must not be older than 30 years of age, (those who have completed their military service would [have the years served] added to the maximum)


The interested person meeting all the [above] conditions may submit his written application, including full postal address and telephone number, to the address of the Ground Station of Martyr Ghandi (Asadabad of Hamadan) together with the following documents, up to a maximum ten days after this notice:


  1. Two photographs size 4X6cm
  2. Copy of [applicant’s] Identification card
  3. Copy of document confirming completion of military service or  exemption [from military service]
  4. Copy of most recent educational documents


Upon review of the documents submitted, applicants who have fulfilled all the conditions will be invited for an interview and technical test.