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[Personal information has been redacted.]



University of Isfahan

University General Educational Affairs Office


In the Name of God


Number 2/1019

Date 21/11/1360 [10 February 1982]

Enclosure -------

Audit Centre of the University


According to letter number 22/124 from the faculty of Dentistry, dated 12/5/60 [3 August 1981], Mrs. Jila Sabet-Rasekh, [Student] Number [redacted] has been expelled from this university.

You are directed to arrange for her name to be removed from the list of students at this university.


Head of Educational Services Office, Isfahan University


Abbasgholi Amoozeidi


Copy: 1. Mrs. Jila Sabet-Rasekh, [with request to her] to immediately return her student card to this office

2. Office of Dormitories and Catering