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[Date:] 30 Aban 1388 [21 November 2009]


Why are Baha'is Impure?

The vast majority of jurists have declared the number of impurities to be eleven and some believe to be twelve, and the impurity of the infidel is what they have all agreed upon. Infidel means one who denies God, or associates partners with God Almighty, or who does not accept the mission of his holiness the seal of the prophets, Muhammad son of Abdullah (PBUH). Also, an infidel is said to deny the necessity of religion, that is, something like prayer and fasting, which all Muslims consider to be part of the religion of Islam.

In this regard, the jurists refer to the noble verse “Indeed, the polytheists are ˹spiritually˺ impure”[1] and cite several other narrations and the branches that cited this issue state that the whole body of the infidel, even his hair, nails and moisture, is impure.

Now that it is clear who is impure in Islamic and Shia jurisprudence, we will explore the works of the Baha’is to find out some of their beliefs. Baha’ism is a sect created by Husayn-Ali Nuri, known as Baha’u’llah. Before that, by Ali Muhammad the Bab, who, following the thoughts of the Sheikhism, had considered himself the fourth pillar or perfect human being and created Babism. At the beginning, he claimed that he was the gate of the Lord of the Age (AS), but in the end, he claimed divinity and announced that he would later send someone, as “Him Whom God shall make manifest”. After the announcement of Ali Muhammad, Husayn-Ali Nuri claimed that he was the one whom Ali Muhammad Bab had promised to come. After claiming the abrogation of Islam, he talked about creating a new religion and turned to the matter of religion making.

Some of the Baha’i sect beliefs are as follows:

1. Belief in the divinity of Ali Muhammad, the Bab and Husayn-Ali Nuri

One of the most ridiculous and unreasonable beliefs of the Baha’is and Babis is the belief in the divinity of the Bab and Husayn-Ali Nuri. Ali Muhammad the Bab has claimed that the highest level of truth, meaning the divinity, has had intromission in him, that is, both material and physical intromission.

This belief of Baha’ism contradicts the principles of all the heavenly religions, because in the heavenly religions the divinity belongs to the Almighty God, the Lord and Creator of the world and all the creation, and in this position no one and nothing is associated with him.

2. Belief in the prophethood of Ali Muhammad and Mirza Husayn-Ali

Baha’is say: According to some verses of the Holy Quran, the assured position of the Promised One is the position of originality and prophethood.

But the Shia say, The Promised One is a follower of the Holy Quran and the religion of the seal of the prophets Muhammad (PBUH) and his position is the position of caliphate, guardianship and Imamate, not originality and prophethood.

3. Belief in the promised successor of Ali Muhammad the Bab and Mirza Husayn-Ali

Baha’is say: Ali Muhammad and Mirza Husayn-Ali are the promised ones of Islam, and all the prophets have referred to it, and its signs are recorded in the scriptures.

4. Belief in the abrogation of Islam

Baha’is say that the assured position of the Promised One is the position of Prophethood, not dependence, and they also say that the Promised One, at the time of his emergence, rules the abrogation of Islam and legislates a new religion other than Islam. But the Shia say: The Promised One is a follower of the Holy Quran and the religion of the seal of the prophets Muhammad (PBUH) and is again the reviver of the religion of Islam and is not the owner of a new book and the bringer of a new religion.

In short, Baha’is: First: they claim the divinity of the Bab and the Baha and deny the finality of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Second: They deny the essential rules of religion such as prayer, fasting, etc., and consider them obsolete. Thirdly: They not only deny the existence of His Holiness the greatest remnant of God, but they are also his enemies.

As a result, it can be said that the cause of their impurity is their disbelief, and the evidences that indicate the impurity of the infidels and polytheists also include them.



[1] [Quran 9:28] https://quran.com/9/28