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[Adapted from website:] Javan online

[Date:] 17 Shahrivar 1389 [8 September 2010]


The “Water Cooler” Is a Means of Recruiting in the Baha’i Sect

The Baha’i sect sends a number of water coolers to attract the young people in the hot regions of the country.

Shi’a Online wrote: “The perverse Baha’i sect has rented shops and gardens in Mohammadshahr, Abbas Abad and around Karaj to recruit. Some of these activities are carried out in collaboration with a number of foreign nationals.

Serving alcoholic beverages, dancing, stomping and various celebrations are among the actions of this perverse group. These people had already appeared in public on the day of mid-Sha’ban with symbols of Satanism. Some of these signs are engraved on the rings and necklaces of cult members.

Interestingly, the sect sends a number of water coolers to attract young people in some tropical areas of the south and southeast of the country.